#MindBodySpirit – Jane Cole, Pole Perfect Fitness

7 Jul, 2020 | Mind, Body and Spirit

A blog series highlighting the amazing work some of our customers and business friends do in the field of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Welcome to the fourth blog in our #MindBodySpirit series aimed at helping business owners take better care of themselves. We are so privileged to work with, and know, a wealth of local businesses from many different industry sectors. Off the back of Mental Health Awareness week we thought it would be a great idea to highlight the amazing work they do in the field of Mind, Body and Spirit, and at the same time, connect people in business.

Next in our series is Jane Cole of Pole Perfect Fitness. Find out how Jane can help you and how her business has risen to the challenge during the Coronavirus crisis.



Lisa: Hi Jane, thank you so much for being part of our blog series! Can you tell everyone what you do?

Jane: Hi Lisa, thank you asking me to contribute! At Pole Perfect Fitness we help people find BLISS in their FITNESS, through Pole or Aerial Arts. Teaching everyone to become bold and fearless in our unique environment that supports you towards improved wellbeing.

Lisa: Can you tell us how the Coronavirus Pandemic has effected your business?

Jane: We had to go “virtual” initially, which meant we focussed on fitness based sessions such as Stretch & Flex, Pilates, Chair’o’Graphy and so on, basically exercise that anyone can do from the comfort of their own homes.

Lisa: Has anything good come out of going through this crisis?

Jane: That “Virtual Fitness” from anywhere is possible, to still see fitness improvements – but still support that person towards improved wellbeing. I also got to have a good old clearout of the studios and really clear space. In fact for students it has meant they could train in different classes that they maybe weren’t able to do before, due to time or commitments. This has helped them understand the complete package of fitness training that we offer, which ultimately is to the benefit of their skills and reduce the risk of injury etc.

Lisa: What have you learnt about you/your business during this challenging period?

Jane: That I can still provide a service to my customers, it’s just adapted.

Lisa: What services are you able to offer/offering right now?

Jane:  As we speak we are now allowed to offer 1-2-1 personal training or classes for small groups up to 5 people, but this must be outside so is subject to the weather. Relying on the weather to keep our business going is not great, so we are desperate to get open again properly as soon as possible. We’ve put in place all the safety measures to ensure that when our doors open again both our instructors and our customers are safe. Fingers crossed our opening date will be just weeks away.

Once we are open we are also looking to continue offering our “virtual” classes as well as people really like them!

Lisa: Thanks for sharing that with us Jane. I think your industry has been one of the worst effected, so I am so pleased to see how quickly you adapted and were up and running with virtual class options within days of the lockdown. I’ve also seen plenty of activity from you on Facebook, promoting the new classes and keeping everyone up to date on what has been happening within your business. And as someone who has been to your studios, I can also vouch for the cleanliness and professionalism you and your team have always shown. I’m keeping my fingers crossed you will be allowed to open to indoor studio classes soon.

If business owners (and anyone else!) reading this are interested in finding out more about how Jane can help improve your health and wellbeing – you can get in touch with her using any of these methods:

Email Jane, Pole Pefect Fitness

And find out more/message her at:


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