#MindBodySpirit – Nicky Elmer, Nicky Elmer Hypnotherapy

8 Jun, 2020 | Mind, Body and Spirit

…we thought it would be a great idea to highlight the amazing work some of our customers and business friends do in the field of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Welcome to our new #MindBodySpirit blog series aimed at helping business owners take better care of themselves. We are so privileged to work with, and know, a wealth of local businesses from many different industry sectors. Off the back of Mental Health Awareness week we thought it would be a great idea to highlight the amazing work they do in the field of Mind, Body and Spirit, and at the same time, connect people in business.

We are kicking off this blog series by introducing you to Nicky Elmer, of Nicky Elmer Hypnotherapy. Find out how Nicky can help you and how her business has risen to the challenge during the Coronavirus crisis.



Lisa: Hi Nicky, thank you so much for agreeing to be a part of our new blog series! Your brand name is a bit of a giveaway, but can you tell us what you do?

Nicky: Hi Lisa, happy to take part! I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I specialise in Anxiety Disorders and Pain Management. As well as one to one sessions, I run workshops to help people with anxiety, relaxation group sessions and I am a Hypnobirthing teacher.

Lisa: Can you tell us how the Coronavirus Pandemic has effected your business?

Nicky: In the fortnight before lockdown began, 80% of my clients cancelled their appointments as they were understandably worried. I quickly moved over to Zoom sessions and thankfully my business began to pick up again.

Lisa: Would you say anything good has come out of going through this crisis both personally and in your business?

Nicky: I realised that working via Zoom opened up some new doors for me and I am now working with clients from all over the country, and any of my clients that come to my group sessions enjoy the fact they don’t have leave the house, when I mute them during the hypnosis they aren’t distracted by the noise of others. My group sessions were limited before due to space but this is no longer an issue.

On a personal level, I have enjoyed spending time with my family, trying to make the most of it as we are unlikely to get this much time together again.

Lisa: What services are you able to offer/offering right now?

Nicky: All of my sessions are running as normal, only now via Zoom. During my one to one sessions I work with clients with anxiety disorders, including phobias and OCD as well clients with chronic pain, however I am happy to work with anyone who has something they would like to change.

Lisa: Thanks Nicky for sparing the time to talk to me! I am so pleased to see how embracing Zoom has allowed you to keep doing business during this time. I also spotted your Mind Matters group you started on Facebook to create a community of people helping and supporting each other – which is great, and a lovely example of using your social platform to not only help improve mental and physical well being, but also staying visible online at the time when it’s even more difficult for brands to stand out.

If business owners (and anyone else!) reading this are interested in finding out more about how Nicky can help – you can get in touch with her using any of these methods:

Mobile: 07795 105445
Email Nicky, at Nicky Elmer Hypnotherapy

And find out more/message her at:

Watch out for the next post in our #MindBodySpirit blog series – coming soon!

Banner Photo by Anthony Cantin on Unsplash

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