Rebranding a local and rather fabulous chutney business

24 Jun, 2019 | Branding, Project

Candi told us that she could do with a bit of a helping hand getting her business to the next level.

We first met Candi, brand owner and maker, of the locally famous Candi’s Chutney at a farmers market and instantly fell in love with her Parsnip and Chilli Chutney. If you haven’t met Candi yet, then you are in for a real treat as she is just as lovely as the chutney she produces.

After a bit of a chat we got talking about branding and how important it is for any business to succeed – and Candi told us that she could do with a bit of a helping hand getting her business to the next level, and that she knew her branding needed some expert attention.

The brand was growing and it was time to bring all the brand elements together with one look and feel

There is no doubt about it when we say that the chutney Candi makes literally sells itself – but creating a brand image which would give customers who’d yet to try it for themselves the confidence to buy was a priority.

When nativeBrand stepped in to work on the Candi’s Chutney brand we were lucky to inherit the jar label design which had already been created by a local designer – but with that came some other mis-matched materials that Candi had created too. Candi, like a lot of small business owners had been very mindful of keeping her costs manageable when it came to creating leaflets, business cards etc – but she realised that now was the time for the business brand to have a makeover and she handed that job to us.

If it ain’t broke, you don’t need to fix it

My job, as the brand manager, was to look at all the pieces and see if anything could be kept. I’m a strong believer in not just changing stuff for changes sake, and in many cases if a brand has created strong elements that their customers already identify, then there is really no need to change them.

After looking at everything I recommended to Candi that we take the logo for the Chutney that was being used on the jars and apply that as the overall brand logo – and that as the labels on her products were without a doubt creating a very strong (and on brand!) image that her customers already identified and remembered  – they should definitely stay as well. So it was this logo and design that would be the cornerstone for the new branding.

Bringing all the design elements together

We started with a re-design of Candi’s business cards and letterhead, and introduced a branded postcard, a large PVC banner, and a pull up for her to use at events. We also concepted some apron designs and advised on a selection of polo shirts for Candi and her family helpers to wear – so they could be easily spotted at all the local farmers markets and fairs.

Just working on these design projects gave Candi an immediate updated brand feel that gave her a new confident starting point. The new look was very well received by her customers and Candi was delighted and proud of the re-brand.

Since then…

After the initial work to get the re-brand off the ground we have worked with Candi on new packaging ideas, a new set of product labels for her seasonal chutney flavours and a website build (which is currently in progress).

We’ve been proud to support this local and rather fabulous chutney business for the last 3 years and can’t wait to see what else we’ll be doing to help this brand grow next.

You can find out more about Candi’s Chutney by visiting her Facebook and Instagram. When the new site is ready we’ll let you know!

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